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Sweet Bunny Surprise

Sweet Bunny Surprise

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Sweet Bunny Surprise: The Perfect Companion for Kids and Adults

This cuddly plush toy is not only a loyal and sweet friend, but also a practical secret hiding place for sweets. The large ears can be simply folded down to hide the sweets. When the ears are opened again, the sweets fall out.

The bunny is a loving toy that you can take to bed with. The soft and fluffy ears are perfect for cuddling! It can also be a romantic gift. The bunny can be filled with little love notes or sweets. This makes the bunny a unique gift that will make hearts race.

Item Type: Stuffed Animal
Material: polypropylene and cotton
Style: carrot, strawberry, kiwifruit, pitaya, pineapple to choose from

Size Information: Dimensions:

S: 18cm [0.14kg]

M: 25cm [0.3kg]

L: 35cm [0.58kg]

Package list:
1 x Sweet Bunny B Surprise Soft Toy

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